Specialist Mobility Vehicles

We sometimes get specially adapted vehicles for people with impaired physical mobility.

eg; for wheelchair users, etc.

These vehicles will have some of the following aids.

  • Wheelchair Accessibility (Lift or Ramp).
  • Widened Habitation Door.
  • Hand Controlled driving aids.
  • and more...

They will be advertised on this page.

NOTE: We have no specially adapted vehicles in stock currently.

SOLD!(Subject to Contract Completion)

Swift Bolero with Wheelchair Access (and more...)

We currently have a specially adapted 4 berth motor-home suitable for someone with impaired physical mobility.

The Variations to the Standard Spec Are;

  • A 6 Way Electrically Adjustable Ricon Drivers Seat. Forward, Back, Up, Down, Swivel, Manual Recline.
  • Steering Column Mounted Push, Pull Hand Controls to operate brake & throttle.
  • Dash Mounted Electric Handbrake.
  • Reversing Sensors (audible).
  • Reversing Camera, twin aspect.
  • Pedestrian door cassette lift with wander lead remote control.
  • There is a double bed which is assembled behind the driver & passenger seats.

Rear Wet Room Area (bed & washroom)

  • A single bed with another pull out single housed beneath it making the second double bed.
  • Bed to toilet ceiling hoist to assist transferring.
  • Wall mounted support aid/s.

The Previous Owner

  • The previous owner was involved in an accident in that left him T4 Paraplegic.
  • He decided to get an accessible motor-home to get as near as possible to life pre-accident.
  • He wanted to be able to drive it himself & be self-contained within it.
  • He was involved in the specification from the outset.
  • The vehicle is based on a standard Swift Bolero Black Edition motor-home on a Fiat Ducato chassis.

2015 Swift Bolero 712SB Black Edition (Fiat) £54,995

swift bolero wheelchair accessible motorhome

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